Rev Giddens Part 2- MLK tribute at old schoolhouse

This brief tribute was given by Rev. Frank Giddens on the AKA Martin Luther King Day of Service remodeling project, at the Old Schoolhouse. He noted the hard times of old and mentioned sacrifice- life often involves sacrifice and suffering to make a better way. He also referenced an old scripture- putting your hands to whatever you were given to do with might.

Not trendy messages to be sure, but sorely needed in many places. Click video to see Giddens’ speech. Above is a picture of he and his wife Essie, the first schoolteacher at the Old Schoolhouse.

Click for video:

Gardening and beautification of the Old Espanola Schoolhouse.. organics, cow manure and all..

Alpha Kappa Alpha volunteers did marvelous work in planting flowers, shrubs and vegetables to beautify the Old Espanola Schoolhouse-  as part of the Day of Service- sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority РChi Delta Omega  Chapter РFlagler County. The once dour exterior was transformed into an attractive entrance way, and an outside fountain was ringed with fresh, growing plants. Click to see video..

At the side of the building, the 3-section garden plot laid out originally by horticulturalist Raphael Al Kemi was prepped using his light chemical, organic approach. This involved using lots of cow manure, at which some citified youth balked. But AKA volunteers led the way, digging in broccoli and onions. The sterling AKA effort involves not only visual beauty but education as well on the importance of ecology and sustainable organic agriculture. All in all it was a great day for green power.