Harvest from the Old schoolhouse garden

Green onions and broccoli are harvested from the Old Schoolhouse garden. Kids get an education on organic farming, food sustainability, composting and environmental stewardship from Raphael Al Kemi, master gardener, who laid out and framed the beginning garden beds to teach students. The seeds were initially planted by members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority as shown in the video below.

Gardening and beautification of the Old Espanola Schoolhouse.. organics, cow manure and all..

Alpha Kappa Alpha volunteers did marvelous work in planting flowers, shrubs and vegetables to beautify the Old Espanola Schoolhouse-  as part of the Day of Service- sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Chi Delta Omega  Chapter – Flagler County. The once dour exterior was transformed into an attractive entrance way, and an outside fountain was ringed with fresh, growing plants. Click to see video..

At the side of the building, the 3-section garden plot laid out originally by horticulturalist Raphael Al Kemi was prepped using his light chemical, organic approach. This involved using lots of cow manure, at which some citified youth balked. But AKA volunteers led the way, digging in broccoli and onions. The sterling AKA effort involves not only visual beauty but education as well on the importance of ecology and sustainable organic agriculture. All in all it was a great day for green power.

All-Kids-Are-First Old Schoolhouse needs your help!

The Old Schoolhouse of Espanola remembers when respect for elders, hard work, and the value of a dollar, and were the real deal. You can help us recapture the high ground, and help your business or organization at the same time. The school features:
·        No-nonsense “boot camp” tutoring
·        Innovative “hands on” learning for students that need more help.
·        Required participation in such projects as community cleanup.
·        Documentation of area culture and history
·        Character building using time-honored church and civic traditions
Five ways you can benefit:

  1. All contributions, in cash or in kind are fully deductible. The Old Schoolhouse is part of a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All are welcome.
  2. Your donation earns good advertising exposure in the community, including positive placement on websites, YouTube, blogs and Facebook.
  3. Special events (car washes, open houses, etc) will feature prominent logo placement and flyer distribution for your business
  4. Students help you or your organization personally- from lawn service to parking lot cleanup.
  5. Businesses that donate will be patronized first before others.
Three ways you can help
1.      Donate to help refurbish the old building – tile, hardware, doors, roofing material
2.      Donate to help purchase tutoring and school supplies, books, software, pens, ink
3.      If unable to donate cash, you can donate in-kind contributions: food snacks, craft supplies, printer ink, surplus items, or discounts on purchased items.
Give at whatever level you can!
·        Platinum level – $500 or more: Full advertising exposure on all web and printed media, and local events. Direct personal or business assistance from lawn service to parking lot cleanup.
·        Gold level – $300:  Full advertising credit/exposure on all web and printed media, and local events.
·        Silver level- $100: Full credit on web media and open house events and print.
·        Bronze Level – $50: Full credit on web media. Open house print credit.
·        Copper level – $10-$20. Open house credit.
Contact us!

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Espanola, Florida location:
Levon K. Williams
108 Knox Jones Road
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