Life, death, heaven and hell with Young jeezy

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At the recent BET awards rapper Rick Ross tried to choke Young Jeezy. Maybe it was a slow day..

Comprehension lesson using lyrics of Jeezy’s “Soul Survivor” a typical live fast, die young type tune. The content actually allowed a bit of philosophical discussion with students, though- covering body, soul and spirit, and life and death. Jeezy, in hisĀ  own way, displays some moral sensibilities. As usual, some lyrics had to be “cleaned up” for educational consumption.. :)




Verse 3

“Soul Survivor” Young Jeezy feat Akon

[Verse 3 (Young Jeezy):]

Gotta watch er’ move ‘cuz them eyes be on you (eyes be on you)

Gotta drive real cool when them pies be on you (pies be on you)

Just because we stack paper and we ball outrageous (ball outrageous)

Them alphabet boys gotta us under surveillance (Ayy)

(Like animals) They lock us in cages

The same clowns that’ star when you put ‘em on stages

I aint cheat–played the hand I was dealt

Tried to tax the grand pearl when I got it myself

(Let’s Get It) No nuts, no glory (no glory)

My biography, you damn right, the true story (Yeah)

Set the city on fire, and I didn’t even try (try)

Run these streets all day, I can sleep when I die (Ayy)


Hip hop education 6- another twist to encourage reading

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Down to his last 2 million…

This session used lyrics from rapper Young Jeezy’s “Soul Survivor” to drive home some comprehension lessons. The kids responded to this well. Whatever works.. Er, some lyrics had to be “cleaned up” for educational consumption.. :)

“Soul Survivor” Young Jeezy feat Akon

[Verse 1 (Young Jeezy):]

(Let’s get it) Tonight I can’t sleep–we livin’ in Hell

First they, give us the work then they throw us in jail

Road Trip ya–I’m merchandising in the white

Please Lord don’t let me go to jail tonight (Yeah)

Who Me?? I’m a Soul Survivor

Ask about ‘em in the street, the boy Jeez a rida (Jeez a rida)

A hundred grand on my wrist, yeah life sucks

Duck the club, dawg, I rather count a million bucks



[Verse 2 (Young Jeezy):]

Another day, another dolla (dolla)-same block, same people, same part, same green

I guess we got the same dreams (Ayy)

Or is it the same nightmares (nightmares)

We let the doves do it for us — we don’t cry tears (That’s right)

Real gangsters don’t budge

When Mail Man got his time he shot birds at the judge

I’m knee deep in the game

So when it’s time to re-up, I’m knee deep in the cane

Real talk, Look, I’m tellin’ you Wayne (tellin’ you Wayne)

If you get jammed up don’t mention my name

Forgive me Lord–I know I aint livin’ right

Gotta feed the block, people starving, they got appetites)

And this is er’day, it never gets old (Old)

Thought I was a juvenile stuck to the G-Code (Yeah)

This aint a rap song, people this is my life (this is my life)

And if the hood was a battlefield then I’d earn stripes