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Tough Love Teaching is a key part of the All Kids are First Academy, a non-profit in Flagler County, Florida, that seeks to improve classroom perfornance, educational engagement and motivation among at-risk youth, including youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This means students must get direct help to boost classwork, finish homework, learn specific technical skills, or actually produce a tangible product, not simply offer another round of social services. There are plenty of social services around- but that does not get kids through the classroom day in a productive, measurable fashion, nor do they produce tangible units of work.

"Tough Love" tutoring
The "tough love" approach is an intensive direct instruction approach that aims to get students up to speed quickly. Costs are as low as $15 per hour- with group rates, or $25 per hour for individuals. While sharing some themes with "Asian" methods such as "Kumon" tutoring (specifically repetition until mastery), it is much more and involves direct instruction, coaching and support for students, including home visits and phone calls. Intensity can range from "boot camp" level to a slower-paced customized approach. It is not a typical "homework help" program.

Busy teachers are under the gun of the high stakes era and do not have the time to give every single child 6 hours of daily custom instruction. Disruptive and disrespectful students make their job even harder. "Tough love" tutoring is intended to close the gap between harassed teachers and struggling students, delivering increased performance but also a blunt message about school readiness and work effort.

 Tough Love Tutoring uses experimental methods including technology and modern media, joined to old school values, including "tough love" work production, and caring individualized attention. All kids, with or without autism can learn and have their horizons broadened. We seek to encourage them to have community pride, motivate them to fulfill their dreams, inspire them to succeed, open up new vistas and opportunities for insight, and build a sense of belonging and self-worth. There are two kinds of activities:

Many young people are often failing or lagging behind in school. In more extreme cases nationwide,  some receive a large number of disciplinary referrals, which enters them into a pipeline for later suspensions, or even law enforcement referrals. These children need to be brought up to speed, as far as their ability allows,  to make their journey through the educational pipeline one of success not failure.


Individualized work
Some students are not geared towards an accelerated "boot camp" approach. The slower-paced method delivers:

  • Explicit direct instruction at a slower pace
  • Support for kids with autism
  • Customized to each child's needs
  • Flexible hours
  • More individualized attention
  • Direct support in the home
  • Review of educational plans with parents to ensure that the child is obtaining all the services due
  • Support for parents in improving social and play skills along with academics
  • Help with planning for transition between schools, or from school to work

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Take off with tutoring for the current school year! Now underway full speed...

2017 Summer academic "Boot Camp"
Fast-paced program designed to help kids get a hand up as they move on to the next higher grade- from elementary to middle, to high school. Thanks for participating!


"Tough Love Talk 1" to local youth on making the grade by Donald Bryant of AACS:
Most at this talk gave heed, but some entered the negative pipeline.

Tough love talk

Classic "Tough Love Talk 2" to local youth on hard work and responsibility by Rev Giddens. QUOTE: "There is no silver spoon.. you've got to work.." Video..

Educational services for children with autism and special needs
One mom talks about getting services
from schools.. Video

Reading is not Kryptonite!
Too often some kids refuse to read- books and text are like some sort of kryptonite. But not the kid below. He knocked out an excerpt from Kings "Dream" speech without missing a beat. This is what we are trying to cultivate.. Video


Quick workout with local youth


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